Fondant cakes starts at $7.00 per slice and up depending on design.
Please note that edible decorations and 3D characters are additional price.

All these decorations are very difficult and time consuming to make

Sample: A cake for 30 servings would be 30×7=$210.00 plus details  

On this cake the tiara and bow are extra


3D Carved cakes (Shaped cakes) Starts at $10.00 per slice and up depending on how difficult and how long it takes to make. Plus edible decorations are extra.

Minimum order is 20 servings for most carved cakes. There are some designs that minimum serving is more than 20.

Samples of 3D cakes


2D Carved cakes (Shaped cakes) Starts at $8.00 per serving plus hand made sugar details.

Minimum serving for 2D cakes is 20.


Samples of 2D cakes

Tiers Butter cream cakes are $4.00 per slice and up depending on the details.

Edible Fondant decorations and Wendy’s specialty cake will have additional charges.


Simple Buttercream cakes


Left, 2D fondant patron bottle. Middle, simple with edible flowers, Right, 2D fondant Sponge bob

10″ round 25 to 30 servings starts at $55.00 plus decorations.

8″ round feeds 15 people starts at $40.00 plus decorations.


Edible images on the cakes are $10.00 each extra. Minnie Mouse Standing edible image

Left, 2D fondant animals and tree on a buttercream cake. Right, 2D shoe and edible images on the sides

$65.00 for the cake plus fondant decorations plus edible images

Left, Samples 2D figures and 3D Elmo on top


Right, 3D Elmo on top and edible image at the bottom

All our sugar decorations are handmade and are very time consuming. If you ask for 3D figures and decorations on the cake the prices will go up.

3D Figures starts at $25.00 each and up depending on how difficult they are.



Sample of the 3D figures

Samples of figures made with Rice Krispies treats and fondant.

Mini cakes 3″ round are $15.00 in buttercream,
Fondant mini cakes starts at $20.00 and up


Dessert prices

Prices depends on the design and how difficult they are to make. If you are working with a budget we can give you suggestions for the designs but if you have specific design in mind send them to us and we will price them for you.

12 Cake pops, $24.00 and up

12 Cookies $42.00 and up

12 Rice Krispie treats $24.00 and up

12 Chocolate covered Oreos $18.00 and up

12 Chocolate covered pretzels $12.00 and up

12 Cupcakes $24.00 and up

12 Chocolate covered Madelines dozen $18.00 and up

12 donut by dozen $30.00 and up

6 Chocolate covered apples $24.00 and up

12 Tres leches cups 5.5oz $36.00 each plain, and up

12 Chocolate covered marshmallow $21.00 and up