Hello! My name is Wendy, Owner and cake designer of Wendy’s Cake Art. I am a native of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. All my life I’ve been very artistic, I love painting, building things, and crafting.

I never had any professional training in art but I was born with it, I started making cakes as a hobby for my family and friends and my younger sister Vanessa convinced me that I had a gift for it, with her help, the support of my dear husband and my two boys I was able to start my business as a cake designer.
Making cakes has everything that I love to do, painting, molding, decorating, building etc. so I know I have found my calling. I worked as a Item Processing Supervisor for a big company for 14 years and I decided to leave that job and dedicate myself to designing cakes. Our affordable prices combined with a homemade taste allow our clients to enjoy works of edible art. I am grateful to my customers who have always trusted me designing their cakes throughout the past Fourteen years, their loyalty has kept Wendy’s Cake Art popular. Thanks to all of you I have enjoyed every minute of it.