Do you provide cake tastings?

For pickup cake tasting please do the following:

– Fill out our quote form first (Once you approve pricing) 
– Reply to our email requesting a tasting (We need at least a week to prepare)
– Pick three cake flavors and three fillings (Look at our flavor page)
– We don’t do cake tasting for our Wendy’s specialty cake but you can request those three flavors as your cake tasting if you want.
– Tasting cost $30.00 and it has to be paid in advance 

Can I ask for any combinations of cake flavors from your list?

 Yes you can mix any flavors you want just specify when placing the order. Note, if you order more than one tier cake and you want different cake flavors there will be a $15.00 extra charge to you total.
Can we pickup the cake?
 Yes, all pickups are done in North Plainfield, NJ. Address will be provided when the order is placed.
Can you work with my Budget?
 Yes, if you have a budget please let us know and we can work with you to design something within your budget as long as your budget is reasonable, please keep in mind that our fondant cake starts at $9.00 per serving plus details. Some designs can be done in buttercream and that would save you some money.
Do I get my deposit back if I cancel my order?
 All of our cakes are custom made and we only take a limited amount of cakes a week. If you cancel your order you may lose your deposit. Or we may issue you a credit for another order to be use within 6 months. It will be to our discretion.
Do you charge for delivery?
 Yes, the price is based on the distance. Please note that the cake might be delayed due to traffic conditions, we try our best to be on time but there is no guarantee.
Is my cake going to be enough for everyone?
 We will make sure that you have enough cake for everyone and some to save for later. Our serving size are based on 1 1/2” by 2” slices, if you would like bigger slices you have to order a bigger cake.
How do I place the order?
 To place the order we require 50% down payment of the cake price, We are currently not taking payments over the phone, when you are ready to place the order let us know and we will send you a paypal invoice to your email or you can click on top “paypal payment” and make the payment there.
How I make an appointment to talk about the cake?
 Unfortunately we are only taking appointments for weddings over 50 servings due to our workload, we get a lot of requests and we are unable to accommodate appointments for everyone. We don’t have a retail store at the moment so we only make consultations by appointments only.
How far in advance should I reserve my cakes?
 It is preferable to reserve it  six months in advance for weddings. For birthdays cakes or other events , place your order at least 3 weeks before the event.  Last minute order are sometimes available so please plan ahead.  By Placing and order you have read and agreed to the above terms
What is Wendy’s specialty cake?
 Wendy specialty cake is a three layer cake, one is our signature yellow cake, one chocolate cake and one red velvet cake, the fillings are, between the yellow and chocolate cake dulce de leche (Caramel) and between the chocolate and red velvet our signature white chocolate cream cheese filling.
What is Fondant?
 Fondant is a sugar paste icing that is used to cover the cake to make them smooth. All fondant cakes will have white chocolate or dark chocolate ganache depending on the cake flavor.
Do I have to refrigerate the cake?
 Fondant or any other cakes should not be cold when you are ready to eat it because it would be hard to cut, the cake has to be at room temperature to be at it best. I would recommend to take the cake out a least four hours before cutting it. Never freeze a fondant cake.
Is everything edible?

Most of our decorations are edible, made out of Gum paste (Sugar paste), Chocolate, Rice Krispie or Fondant. We also use some non edible items to create some details like foam.The support inside the cake is non edible.